The Surgical Institute

For Family & Visitors



  1. We ask your sincere consideration and assistance with the following:

    "How The Surgical Institute Works"
    1. The pre-admission / registration process must be completed properly. This facilitates a drop and go type admission, avoids delays the stress and anxiety of an admission and overcrowding of the reception area. The Surgical Institute is a day surgery facility with shorter day surgery operations and thus a higher patient turnover of both arrival and discharged patients.
    2. For this reason (high patient traffic/turnover), we ask that you do not wait in the reception area or parking area while the patient is in surgery.
    3. All patients not requiring assistance (see elderly/handicapped/children) may simply be dropped or with their identity document, medical Aid card and Credit card (if applicable) we ask that only one adult (no children) accompany a patient is needed.
    4. Children/minors/handicapped/elderly: Two adults/parents are required. One to assist the patient and one to drive. Only one adult/patient will be allowed to accompany the patient to the ward is/as required, but may not stay. This person is to be contactable at all times while the patient is at The Surgical Institute.
    5. No visitation is allowed in the day ward unless for a minor/child/elderly patient and at the discretion of The Surgical Institute staff.
    6. No children under 12 allowed please unless they are the patient.
    7. Patients will be received in the reception area on discharge in order to protect the privacy of other patients recovering in the day ward.
    8. The Surgical Institute staff will give you an approximate time for collection, you may call to check on progress or The Surgical Institute staff will timelessly call to inform you of the collection time.
    9. We urge all patients and family members dropping or collecting them to be contactable and available for collecting the entire day of the planned operation. Operation times may vary and to avoid unnecessary delays whether earlier or later, we ask your consideration in this regard.
    10. A responsible person should be prepared to drive you home. Driving yourself home is NOT permitted. PLEASE NOTE: If you do not have a responsible person to drive you home, your procedure will be cancelled. A responsible adult should be prepared to care for you for the first 24 hours after your procedure.